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Grow Room Setup

Grow Room
Grow Room

Setting up your own grow room is likely to be one of the most physically comprehensive element of growing your cannabis indoors. The room may be anything from a bed room dresser to a your own home constructed grow box. There’s few things to take into account when deciding on the grow area.


The temperatures in the grow room really should not be extremely hot or cold. Cannabis enjoys temperature ranges in between 70 and 85 degrees. Remember the fact that your cannabis grow lights will heighten the temperature.

Should you wish to grow within a area that can’t deliver temperature within this range, you’ve got to acquire heating units or alternatively air conditioning units and this can be challenging for some newbie growers.


The room must not be extremely moist or possibly too dry. Cannabis favors approximately 40-60% humidity, so ensure that you can easily maintain your humidity level within this range. You should use an air humidifier or perhaps a dehumidifier when necessary.


Your grow room needs to be separated from exterior lighting sources. Light leaking out of the room can tip people off that something is happening so if you’re aiming to cover up your indoor growing from people, this can be a dead giveaway.

Even more important however, the plants should have as minimum lamination as it can be throughout their lights-off phases. Cardboard and duct tape are an easy way to close light leaks.

Grow Room Size

The area you ultimately choose for growing cannabis needs to be high enough to hold up an adult plant (is dependent upon the strain) and definitely will require sufficient working surface to support as many plants as you decide to grow.


Location is extremely important. You do not want the plants in high traffic locations where they could be especially noticed or people may possibly disrupt their optimal growing.

In addition, you should not grow someplace alongside electric gear or heating systems. When you have to get repairs done, the serviceman may possibly discover your crop.

grow room circulation system

Grow Room Setup Guide 2Once you have identified an appropriate area to establish your grow room, you’re ready to begin to build. Your first mission would be to set up the circulation system.

For smaller operations (1-3 cannabis crops) circulation may easily be opening the door to check out your crops on a daily basis, but having good circulation is very important to keep up humidity and temperature.

Additionally, crops exude waste material throughout their leaves and when this gathers up, it could be harmful to the crops.

A useful source of circulation is a simple CPU fan attached to an AC adapter. These can be connected relatively simply, but any fan is appropriate.

The fan needs to be used to acquire air in coming from certain opening and needs to expel it at an exhaust hole on the other side of the room.

You should never allow too much light leak throughout the exhaust system from your cannabis grow room!

Light reflection

Grow Room Setup Guide 4Next you should do is cover the walls with some reflective materials. This is often as easy as painting the walls with white color, however, for optimum reflection, I would recommend making use of Mylar wall-covering.

Mylar can be acquired fairly at low costs at any grow supply shop. This should actually be put on the walls smoothly and as completely as it can be. Duct tape works well with firmly sticking it on the walls.

Control the Light height

Grow Room Setup Guide 6Then you’ll need to have some sort of platform to hold your lighting fixtures. This could basically be a panel holding CFL’s in clamps, several fluorescent tubes, or perhaps MH/HPS ballast.

The platform needs to be of an modifiable height to accommodate the growing cannabis plants. I would suggest having a chain attached to the ceiling to ensure that it can easily be raised up as the crops develop.

Make certain whatever you decide and attach the your lights to is capable of holding the weight of your in some cases heavy lighting fixtures. Hook up the lights to an programmed timer designed to keep control of the light cycles.

Final thought

Grow Room Setup Guide 8Now you are basically done. your last task would be to make sure the area is sealed when it comes to light. It could be useful to position some type of plastic-type surface on the floor in order to avoid damage from water.

The method that you use to construct your grow room depends on you, however, the information on this guide will help a bit. Let the creativity flow and enjoy yourself, you will end up investing lots of time here.

You can now germinate your seeds, or discover ways to try to avoid damaging pest infestations in your cannabis grow.

This guide presumes that you are only planning to have one grow area. Should you be considering on working with a bigger grow process where you would wish to be cropping as frequently as you possibly can.

You might need to start thinking about using two different sections, or two separate grow rooms altogether, one for the Vegetative Period and yet another for the Flowering Phase.

Growing cannabis in this way is usually identified as Sea of Green.

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