How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

Now that you’ve got your growing supplies! You’re ready to begin with your cannabis growing!

If you ask yourself, how to Germinate Cannabis Seeds, the answer is that cannabis seed germination is considered as the means of helping your seeds to sprout. It is the starting point you have to carry as soon as you start growing.

Understanding how to germinate cannabis seeds properly is essential if you would like to experience many years of nutritious plants and fruitful harvests.

Within this tutorial, we outline for you the optimal germination factors.

The Germination Stage

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

For your Cannabis Seed Germination stage, you will only need two paper towels, some high-quality cannabis seeds in addition to a warm and dark place to keep your entire setup for just a day or two.

The process is quite simple, and I also would highly recommend setting up the germination while preparing the rest of your growing supplies. Ideally, you should make use of spring water or purified water.

You can use tap water as well; however, give it time to sit in the open air for about 36-48 hours. Using the water right out of the tap is not ideal for your plants.

Do I have to Germinate my seeds?

Cannabis seed GerminationIt is crucial to know that not all cannabis growers believe that the seed germination stage is essential.

A lot of these growers would instead basically place the seeds somewhere around 1/2 to 1 inch below the surface and cover using loose soil.

There is undoubtedly debate among the cannabis growers as to which of the above techniques will be more productive, but more than likely, the impact is relatively insignificant.

Cannabis Seed Germination ahead of time is an excellent way for you to fully understand which cannabis seeds are and aren’t viable, however.

The Cannabis Germination Process

To germinate your cannabis seeds, you need to take a single paper towel and pour an amount of water on top of the paper towel.

Soak your entire paper towel in the water. The plants require a lot of water to germinate correctly.

Place several seeds on top of the paper towel and cover with the remaining paper towel. Soak your second paper towel with water.

In some cases, people choose to put the germinating seeds inside of a zip-lock bag or perhaps a Tupperware container. Other folks put them within a closed drawer over a plate.

It does not matter which approach you ultimately choose, place the paper towels inside of a warm and dark place and check back in twenty-four hours.

The Result

You will probably start to notice small white-colored sprouts breaking through the seed coat. As soon as the sprouts reach a length of roughly 10mm, it is time to plant it.

As soon as your cannabis seeds are similar to the picture beneath, you’re ready to get started on the cannabis seedling stage.

Cannabis Sprouts

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