Best Soil Options for Growing Cannabis

Let’s get some Soil!

Soil for Cannabis

Now that you’ve got your cannabis seeds, and yet no place for you to plant them all. You need to get yourself some high-quality soil. Typically the soil happens to be in many aspects both of the residence as well as the food for your marijuana plant. As a result, it needs to be considered seriously.


A lot of experienced cannabis growers construct their blends of fresh soil, nutritional ingredients and absorptive materials, however, if you are only getting started with growing, it is advisable to have some commercially made planting medium.

Bag of SoilYour soil nature is laid out in the ratio of 3 fundamental factors, Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorous, in general, it is documented as N:P:K. Cannabis needs to grow inside of a soil which is loaded with Nitrogen, so look for a soil that has an increased N value and reduced P and K figures.

Perhaps the most common ratio is 20:10:10. The growing needs of a cannabis plant are almost comparable to growing tomato plants. In case you are buying growing equipment and supplies in a shop where the staff members are not expert in cannabis growing, it is possible to inquire about growing tomato plants.

Most people favor working with natural organic soil for growing cannabis, but so long as it contains the proper N:P:K proportion, a decent level of acidity, and also sufficient plant food to feed the cannabis plant for 90 days, it should get the job done.

One additional suitable function of the soil is the fact that it helps to protect against under watering and also overwatering. Several soil suppliers incorporate elements that will deal with it. While it’s crucial that you manage your watering, it will help ensure that you get some margin of error.

Advanced Soil Options

For a slightly more difficult choice, you can go with an excellent organic soil medium, and carefully mix in some natural nutrients for a proper growing environment.


In case you choose to stick with organic natural soil and nutritional solution for use on your cannabis plants, you should very carefully keep to the nutrient mix and watering schedule.

Thinking of it some more is better than to take it as granted. An error can result in you burning your crops, and it could compromise your cannabis harvest.

Some great benefits of applying these more complicated approaches will possibly yield an increasingly robust harvest. The disadvantages tend to be more work plus much more margin of error.

For an organic soil choice for your growing, FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil is the cannabis growers choice. FoxFarm has various other high-quality, growing mediums.

However, they are not the best for your cannabis grow. There are plenty of different other high-quality growing mediums all around.

Humboldt Flower Products is another quite good option. Are limited in their supply, and acquiring the products is sometimes tricky and a bit more costly, possibly even on the internet.

On the last word on the soil is that there are as many recipes for the perfect soil as there are cannabis growers.

Advanced Nutrient Options

Now we have our high-quality organic soil, and we are going to have also to use some high-quality natural nutrients added to our watering schedule. Again FoxFarm provides the right choice for high-quality nutrients needed for growing cannabis.

They’ve got a 3 stage all-natural fertilizer and plant food liquid nutrients system. To make use of the products; basically, you need to mix it with the correct ratio of water and apply it to your watering cycle in each plant watering.

You need to have one watering pitcher filled up with clean water, while the other delivers the right nutritional ingredients blend.

Every type of nutrient needs to be added at completely different proportions through the different weeks of your crops’ development that we outlined in the chart down below.

Also, be confident as soon as adding nutritional ingredients to your water, you don’t ever blend almost any pair of nutritious ingredients even in the event both of them needs to be put into use simultaneously.

At all times, add the nutritional components into the water one at a time.

Nutrient Schedule

Big BloomGrow Big (6-4-4)Tiger Bloom
Best Soil Options for Growing Cannabis 1
Best Soil Options for Growing Cannabis 2
Best Soil Options for Growing Cannabis 3
pre-transplant2Tbl –> gallonNONENONE
Week 12Tbl –> gallonNONENONE
Week 22Tbl –> gallon1tsp –> gallonNONE
Week 32Tbl –> gallon1tsp –> gallonNONE
Week 42Tbl –> gallon2tsp –> gallonNONE
Week 51Tbl –> gallon2tsp –> gallonNONE
Week 61Tbl –> gallonNONENONE
Week 71Tbl –> gallonNONE2tsp -> gallon
Week 81Tbl –> gallonNONE2tsp -> gallon
Week 91Tbl –> gallonNONE2tsp -> gallon
Week 101Tbl –> gallon1tsp –> gallon2tsp -> gallon
Week 111Tbl –> gallon1tsp –> gallon2tsp -> gallon
Week 121Tbl –> gallon1tsp gallon2tsp -> gallon
Week 131Tbl –> gallonNONE2tsp -> gallon
Week 141Tbl –> gallonNONE2tsp -> gallon
Week 151Tbl –> gallonNONE2tsp -> gallon
Week 161Tbl –> gallonNONE2tsp -> gallon
Week 171Tbl –> gallonNONE2tsp -> gallon
Week 181Tbl –> gallonNONE2tsp -> gallon
*note1: This chart assumes a long growing cycle. Please adjust accordingly if your cycle differs(i.e., if you do a five-week veg cycle, skip week 6, and move right to week one flowing cycle.)
*note2: This chart differs slightly from FoxFarms guidelines. I feel their cycle is on the high side. Choose whichever one fits your needs best.


Cannabis Grow Mediums

There are substitute growing mediums you can use. One other popular method is the hydroponic approach to growing cannabis. It relates to growing cannabis inside a water tank in addition to nutritional ingredients. The cannabis plant is grown using some stable medium, and the root system is hanging in your tank just where it will soak up these nutrients.

This technique is commonly more complicated and much more expensive, but because you’ll be able to regulate your nutritional ingredients it guarantees that the cannabis plant will get it directly, it is possible to get a better-made weed. Once you have your growing soil, you’ve got to find some good lighting.

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