Guide to Cannabis Strains

Below, you will find a table of all the seed strains we know about. If you would like to purchase any strain, you can click the Buy Now link to be redirected to the product page


Afghan Kush Cannabis Strain

Afghan cannabis plants has Round fat leaves and big fat buds, not many crystals but has rich smooth hash like smoke. The cannabis plant tends to be very bushy but will yield large amounts of very sticky buds. 

Mountainous conditions, over thousands of years have produced a very stocky, sturdy and disease resistant

Experience: Stoned-Indica body buzz marijuana plant.

Indica (mostly)
35-50 cm
350 g/m2
8-9 weeks

Amsterdam Indica

Guide to Cannabis Strains 2

Amsterdam Indica is a Short and bushy cannabis herb with a lot of THC crystals. The cannabis strain name gives a clue to its background. 

The cannabis crops parents are Afghan as well as other Indicas. Thus giving the herb excellent strength. The scent when growing has somewhat hashy overtones.

Experience: Stoney yet high all-round

Indica (mostly)
35-50 cm
450 g/m2
8-9 weeks
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